“I am honored to associate myself with the VSPDT brand. I was feeling disheartened by the proliferation of aversive dog training. I now have great hope.

The level of expertise and professionalism in the hand-picked trainers meets a very high standard. In addition, VSPDT has developed a truly ingenious business model that protects members against competition with other members through the licensing of member ‘territories.’ This model engenders support within our group. Important to many of our members, trainers are encouraged to maintain whatever level of independence, or integration, with the VSPDT brand we deem best for our business. Additionally, we are not expected to support the philosophy of any specific training organization, however, client surveys that address adherence to Positive Reinforcement methods insure that VSPDT members maintain their commitment to +R training in their practice.

Victoria’s celebrity has given my business new life and is helping to make my dreams come true. The opportunities are there for the taking. An unexpected bonus is a personable leadership team truly dedicated to helping us succeed. It just keeps getting better. Thank you!”  Linda Michaels, Wholistic Dog Training  –  San Diego, CA

“I am so thankful to be a part of the Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training Family.  It has truly brought positive attention and credibility to my business, and has given me a new way to connect with potential clients.  Now when I meet people who wish to train their dogs “like those on TV,” they have a positive role model.

Also, the ability to network and speak with other like-minded trainers has been a great experience.  Knowing that each trainer with VSPDT has gone through a rigorous qualification process makes it so much easier to feel comfortable referring a colleague.

Finally, the financial aspect of the partnership has been excellent.  I have watched my income rise steadily since I joined and the future looks good.  Thank you, VSPDT, for including me!”  Cynthia Gordon, CPDT-KA, Ain’t Misbehavin 4 U  –  Seminole, FL

“I was the first VSP Dog Trainer in Italy and I work near Rome in my dog training center called il cane a Norma. My adventure with VSPDT association began as challenge with myself to understand if my canine preparation was at the same level with other dog trainers in the world…… and it was! After almost two years I can say that being a member of VSPDT has many benefits. A lot of people write to me from all over Italy to congratulate with me and ask me advices about training their dogs or solving some trouble. Of course I increased the number of customers that come at my club and finally the administration of my town has noticed me and now the mayor wants to work with me to create dog areas in the town. It may seem strange, but it’s an important step for my town…… until now we haven’t had a public dogs area where dogs can run free and safely.

At last, as a member of VSPDT I’m very proud to be part of an international association that support, teach and help everyone to have a good relationship with dogs, use positive reinforcement and fight against animal abuse with particular attention for the dogs. I hope we will continue to increase and make the world better. Life is great, enjoy your life.”  -Giorgio Guglielminotti Garmot, Il Cane Norma  –  Rome, Italy

“Being a member of the Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training (VSPDT) family has been a tremendous asset to my business and my continued growth as a dog trainer.  The benefits to my advertising and marketing have included such things as easy access to great and affordable business attire, materials to aid with website promotion, and radio ads that Victoria recorded to help my business in a joint education effort with our local humane society.

Joining VSPDT has opened doors to new clients, local speaking engagements, and projects I may not have had the confidence to do without the backing of this wonderful team.   I am thrilled and proud to be a member of this professional, supportive, and amazing group of positive reinforcement dog trainers!”
Laura Clawson, Unleash the Pawsitive  –  Carrollton, GA

“I was delighted to join the Victoria Stilwell team of Positively trainers over a year ago when the scheme was still quite new.  Since joining I have seen an increase in both my 1-2-1 consultations and in my class training business.  Customers recognise the Victoria Stilwell brand and feel confident that the training I provide them with will echo the style of training that they have seen Victoria demonstrate on television with great results. Customers comment that they like the reward based training methods, they like knowing that Victoria has approved my training style and feel that the support and aftercare they get is good.

For myself I have benefitted massively from being part of a network of skilled, qualified, experienced trainers that take time to share knowledge and training ideas. Between us we have seen most canine issues and have many different training skills to offer.”
-Jo Pay, Standish Dog Training  –  Lancashire, UK

“Since I have become a member of Victoria Stilwell’s trainers team, a lot has changed.  In Greece, the It’s Me or the Dog television show has been very successful, so everyone wants to find a trainer that is of like mind & is using the same positive reinforcement scientific method as Victoria.  This has made my life easier, because when I meet people I don’t have to try to convince them to use this method, because they already know.  And for this, the credit goes to Victoria!

My business has increased, and veterinarians like to unreservedly recommend me to their customers.”
Ero Merkati, Athens, Greece

“I feel honored to have been accepted into the VSPDT and to have my business associated with Victoria. Victoria is ” The Face” of force-free training. A face that people recognize and trust.

Having her name alongside mine, clients know that they are getting a trainer that will respect their dogs and train them with the love and compassion that they deserve. Even in these difficult economic times, my business has enjoyed a steady growth. I believe this is because my business is co branded with Positively.

By joining VSPDT,  I also become part of the  VSPDT family – like minded trainers that have a wealth of helpful information, tips and stories to assist  me through some of my more difficult cases.”
-Wendy Dek, Canine Advanced Training Services  –  Hurst, TX

“Becoming part of the VSPDT team has been a very good experience.  I am very proud of my affiliation with Victoria because she has very high standards and expectations.   The process to become a member is thorough enough that I feel that the people who become part of the team are truly science-based, positive trainers.  Therefore, if I needed to refer to another trainer, I would be comfortable doing so.  I have gotten many referrals from people because of my affiliation with VSPDT.  I am extremely pleased with being a part of the VSPDT team.”
Sharon Witherspoon,  Gilbert, AZ

“I love Victoria’s work and am so proud to be associated with her. Now when people ask about my training, I can say, “I’m one of Victoria’s specially selected training partners.” People understand how I’ll work with them and their pets using creative positive training rather than methods that might destroy the bond of trust between them and their dogs. Thanks, Victoria for providing me the opportunity to better share the news about dog-friendly training!”
-Beth Duman, Earth Voices  –  Howell, MI


“Victoria’s celebrity has given my business new life and is helping to make my dreams come true. The opportunities are there for the taking.” –Linda Michaels, CPDT-KA, La Jolla to Carlsbad, CA



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