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Boost Your Business & Promote Positive Training

We are always looking for top-notch dog trainers whose passion for helping dogs and promoting positive reinforcement methods match ours. If that’s you, please consider joining Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training. To apply for a license, fill out the form below and we’ll send you an application form. But first, do check that you meet our eligibility criteria.

Questions about license rights? Read more on All About Licenses.

Eligibility Criteria

Before submitting an application, be sure you:

  • Are a currently-practicing professional dog trainer for at least the past 2 years.
  • Employ only positive dog training philosophies in all practices (see our definition of ‘positive training’ here.)
  • Avoid compulsion-based alpha-hierarchy methodologies in all practices.
  • Can show proof of your current dog trainer’s liability insurance coverage (US only.)
  • Are available for a one-hour phone consultation with a Victoria Stilwell Positively application processor.
  • Are willing to submit dog training evaluation videos.
  • Are prepared to purchase a Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training License.

(Please note: We only process applications from trainers who meet all these criteria.)

Application Process

A.  Please complete the form below to request an application.
B.  Complete and return the VSPDT application. To do so, you will need:

    1. A recent photo of yourself
    2. 2 client references
    3. 2 professional references (from a vet, lawyer, business partner, etc.)
    4. A short essay about your dog training philosophy, strengths, and goals
    5. Copies/links to any marketing material you are currently using
    6. Copies of business documents (business license, liability insurance certificate, etc.)
    7. A video submission of you training at least two dogs
    8. A $150 non-refundable application fee

If your application meets with initial approval, we contact you to schedule a phone consultation.

C.  Successfully pass the phone consultation.
D.  Receive your VSPDT license and Welcome Package.

To request an application for a Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training License, please complete the form below.

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    “I don’t have to try to convince new clients about my methods, they are already sold on R+. For this the credit goes to Victoria!” –Ero Merkati, Thinking Dogs, Athens, Greece



    Find out how one dog trainer increased her income by 50% percent by adding the VSPDT factor to her marketing.



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