Member Benefits

Marketing? It’s Easier With VSPDT

The number one benefit of becoming a VSPDT member is being able to leverage Victoria Stilwell’s public profile to increase your own business’s visibility and profitability.

How exactly do you do that? Here’s an overview of the many marketing tools and opportunities available to you as a licensee:

Branding Rights

  • Public association with Victoria.
  • License to co-brand, rebrand, or launch a new business under the Victoria Stilwell Positively™ brand name.
  • Exclusive right to leverage your membership to your advantage across all platforms by using Victoria’s brand name, logo, websites, image, and professional recommendation to market your business.

Online/Web Tools

  • Fully customizable website and email on the platform.
  • Free website hosting ( and free email hosting ([email protected]).
  • Pre-designed website templates.
  • Maintain and update your own Positively website as desired (class schedules, bio, accreditation, photos, articles, updates, testimonials, rates, etc.). Edit, add or remove pages as desired.
  • Public association with world-class team of Positively Expert Bloggers.

Marketing Tools & Apparel

  • Opportunity to have Victoria record a radio or video spot promoting your business. Provide us with a timed script and we’ll make it happen. Watch a sample TV commercial.
  • Exclusive access to the VSPDT Private Print Shop, where members can customize personalized marketing tools such as VSPDT-branded letterhead, envelopes, trifold brochures for vet offices and referrals, business gifts, notepads, business cards and more.
  • Free VSPDT business cards.
  • Access to custom-built client e-newsletter templates.

Marketing Advice & Webinars from dog*tec

  • Custom-built Marketing Primer co-written with dog*tec specifically for VSPDT members.
  • Exclusive access to comprehensive 2-hour marketing webinar, specially designed to help VSPDT members take full advantage of the suite of marketing tools available to them.
  • Sample CD of business documents.
  • Steep discounts on all dog*tec marketing products and services – only available to VSPDT members.

Publicity Opportunities

  •  Invitation to join Victoria onstage during her Live Tour events in your area.
  • Opportunity to be the featured guest on an episode of Victoria’s Positively Podcasts (available globally). Listen to an excerpt here. [mp3player width=90 height=17 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml file=]
  • The ability to promote yourself and the Victoria Stilwell Foundation by advertising that a portion of all VSPDT revenue supports the Foundation.

Business Documents

  • Right to direct clients to customized online VSPDT Survey with built-in client testimonial generator.
  • A variety of useful business documents from our exclusive member  library. Monitor clients and case progress, streamline your businesses processes, and make the day-to-day running of your business easier.


Community & Support

  • Exclusive access to Victoria and other VSPDT members via our custom-built support network. Using our private Facebook group and members-only forum, the VSPDT community offers support in all aspects of business including advertising, networking, training advice, marketing support, etc.
  • Access to the VSPDT member newsletter which contains advice on marketing and advertising strategy.
  • An exclusive invitation to attend VSPDT forums with Victoria and her team.



Discounts & Scholarships to VSPDT-Affiliated Partner Organizations

  • Enjoy premier access to exclusive discounts and full scholarships for membership in partner organizations and business opportunities including:
    • Standing discounts, preferred application processing and the chance to win one of several free annual scholarships for membership in Operation Socialization available only to VSPDT members ($325 value).
    • Standing discounts, preferred application processing and the chance to win one of several free annual scholarships for memberships in Family Paws Parent Education (FPPE) programs such as Dogs & Storks and The Dog & Baby Connection ($650 value).
    • Exclusive discounts to FPPE’s Mentoring to License program ($410 value)
    • Preferred placement on Best Friends Animal Society‘s Recommended Trainer List.
    • One year free membership to Doggone Safe.


“I have gotten many referrals because of my affiliation with VSPDT. I am extremely pleased with being a part of the VSPDT team.” –Sharon Witherspoon, CPDT-KA, Home Dog Training, Gilbert, AZ



Find out how one dog trainer increased her income by 50% percent by adding the VSPDT factor to her marketing.



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  • Public association with Victoria
  • Rights to leverage that association across all platforms
  • Access to easily customizable marketing tools READ MORE >


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